Projects designed with passion, strength and vision
1+1=1 is an international partnership practicing architecture and design led by two partners – Claudio Silvestrin and Giuliana Salmaso – two architects who love to design and create together, finding harmony in their distinct style.

Their work is a permanent dialogue between their differing personalities, just as in nature a river is the life force created by stone and water.

Projects are known for their emotional power and geometric perception.
They embody a vital juxtaposition between contrasting elements: delicacy and strength, tradition and modernity, fluidity and firmness.

Characterized by a distinctive aesthetic, ideal for brand identity, 1+1=1 always considers functionality, durability and comfort as well as placing the human/user experience at the heart of its design.

Clients include Vodafone, Tetra Pak, laRinascente and ILLUM.

We feel privileged to create successful designs and strategies for these dynamic brands. Today 1+1=1 continues to create iconic designs offering the most elevating and extraordinary experiences as well as to bringing success to brands across the world.

photos by Sunny Lau