Tetra Pak Hub

competition: 1st prize
1+1=1 Claudio Silvestrin Giuliana Salmaso architects and planners with Trombini Studio
Modena, Italy
completed 2013

The project is located in the industrial area of the city of Modena, Italy. This is a region that encapsulates tradition, innovation and style and the project represents this. This is the same area in which Ferrari and Lamborghini design and produce their vehicles.

The client, Tetra Pak, commissioned this building dedicated to innovation and training to be built adjacent to their existing Italian hub.

This is stunning yet functional contemporary architecture, an expression of the international image of the company and of its commitment to quality and innovation.

This elliptically-shaped glass building’s North and South sides are surrounded by a row of pillars. These pillars are finished with cocciopesto, a red-brick colour finish which is commonly used in this part of Italy.

The overall configuration consists on an innovative and dynamic glass core, protected and supported by the vernacular rows of pillars.

The inside comprises of a double height, sinuous space for informal working. It is an airy and calm environment overlooking the park, generous in natural light and serenity.

The core of the building is dedicated to training rooms at ground floor and to an open-space working area at the first floor.

The park is organised with a series of pavilions equipped for working outside.

With regards to energy consumption, the design consists on modern advances that increase the efficiency of the building via thermal insulation, masking solar irradiation in warmer periods, absorbing solar heat in colder periods and the deciduous trees in the garden blocking and allowing the sun through, adapting accordingly with seasonal changes.

This project is about creating the best environment for harmony between architecture and nature to enhance performance, lifestyle and wellbeing in the work space.

Claudio Silvestrin, Giuliana Salmaso and Stefano Trombini with Emanuela Leo, Alessandro Massi Mauri, Stefania Odelli, Sara Russo Esteves, Christian Caselli, Valentino Lucchini

photos by Giulia Ricagni and Giovanni De Sandre

by 1+1=1 © all rights reserved